Saturday, April 27, 2019

We Need Your Help!

Hello everyone! We are rallying our troops once again as we experienced a setback in the search for a kidney for Scott. Here is the latest:

An amazing friend of mine was the closest match out of everyone who came forward (3 out of 5 markers) and she was going through all the testing when she got some scary news that she might have kidney issues that she was unaware of, and is now going through testing of her own. Through her own selflessness, she may have saved her own life. It is a humbling feeling to know that someone cares enough that they would not only pursue donating their kidney to Scott (whom she's never met), but being upon learning the news of her own potential issues is more upset that she can't help Scott than what she might be up against herself.
Please pray for her, and send her healing thoughts and love... she is one of the most beautiful, selfless people I know and she deserves nothing but the best.

Scott reached out to the donor department and asked what happens now and they said they are moving forward with testing with others who qualify. They also suggested that we continue putting a plea out for anyone who might be interested in seeing if they are a match for Scott.

While this was all unfolding, our beloved 14-year-old dog, Tank, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We have started chemotherapy and so far he is doing great. The good thing is that he's got a 90% chance of a 12-18 month remission with 6 months of treatment, and since he's a healthy guy otherwise, everyone is really optimistic about everything.

Life has been tough for sure, but we're tougher and we know that with all the love and support around us, we'll get through all of this, just like when Scott kicked cancer's ass. We do beg of you to share this as much as you can. The power of social media is incredible and all we need is that one person who matches to save Scott's life!

Thanks for reading and for being a part of our journey! Much LOVE!

Here's all the important info:


Scott is blood type A+ and can be matched with types A & O (+ & -). Are you type O or A and want to see if your kidney is a match for Scott?

Here is a link to the pre-screening that gets the whole process started:

You will need is DOB which is 8/15/77


Share this blog, share the Facebook page... please help us get it in front of more eyes because there is someone out there that has the perfect kidney for Scott & the heart to donate it to him.


If it speaks to your heart, click here to support A Kidney For Scott Support Fund (organized by Paul Fitzgerald) to help offset the mounting costs:

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